Rome PreJib at 7springs

The Rome SDS Premature Jibulation is one of those events you look forward too all fall.  It is the first big event of the year, and it is your all access pass to 7springs before the mountain opens.  But this year was different.  The mid-atlantic got some of the best pre-season conditions in years and the resort opened the day before the rail jam.  This allowed the park crew to build one of the sickest early season set-ups I have ever scene.

The contest was well planned, with an attendance of approximately 200 young rippers.  Free swag was passed through out the large crowd at the Foggy Goggle.  Nearby, the park crew had a master chef preparing free hot dogs for the masses.  Check out the pictures below for a view into the event, and congrats to Christina and AJ for winning the event.

Rome & Pitcrew I Heart Box Rail Jam

Contest started late because we didn’t have any liability release forms. Jay (Rome Sales Rep.) took the skate park’s form and scratched out Frederick city and wrote in Rome, in about ten different spots on the form. He then drove down to the copy shop and made a couple hundred copies.

He got back to the park around 3:20, twenty minutes late already. Gave me the forms, I announced that everyone need to sign up, “meet me at the Rome barrel”. Sign-ups were a complete mob scene, 100 kids ,no line ,and only two pens! 15 minutes later we were ready to drop in.

Kids were snaking and parents were tripping out on the “guy that’s gone three time and little Johnny has not even moved a step in line yet”. So We split in into two groups or heats about 45 minutes each. During the contest the judges decided to all skate the park! After the two heats, I talked with some of the veteran shredders in the crowd and we came up with the top ten from the two heats. We also knew that we missed a couple of rippers, after I announced the top ten I said that we missed a couple of rippers and that the first four that come up and tell me why they should be in the final could get in, I figured that you have to back it up with your ridding so it would be cool!

I ended up letting in six more! They shredded for an hour, the judges came back from the skate park to watch the finals. Props to the kid that did the LNP style method to front board, that was the best trick in my book!

Brad Harper from Massanutten VA and Christina Myal from Seven Springs PA won the contest…… They got gear from Pitcrew Skateboard & Snowboard Shop, Ashbury, Rome, and Seven Springs Resort.

PIST Rail Jam Pictures

On Friday, November 14th 2008, the 4th annual PIST Rail Jam was hosed on the University of Pittsburgh campus.  With over 300 in attendance, the event was a great success.  The Pittsburgh Intercollegiate Snowboard Team (PIST) did a great job of setting up two features and making sure the best intercollegiate riders from the regional area were at the event.

Thanks to for the pictures of the event.

Rock My Box Rail Jam Pictures

Last Saturday, the Peak Ski and Snowboard Center in Monroeville, PA held the first Rock My Box Rail Jam. Even though the weather was very cold and rainy, there was a great turnout of local riders. The event hard two features with a large drop in ramp. Shark, the announcer, kept everyone amped with his loud voice and crazy antics. At the end of the day, tons of free gear was given out and Josh Zerkel of Cheat Lake, WV took down top snowboard honors.